At Cable Research Lab we are proud to announce that our Bronze Cable Package has won last year’s The Absolute Sound Product of the Year and the 2012 Editors’ Choice Award. Our Bronze package is becoming recognized as a complete package offering the rich, deep sound that audiophiles are seeking today along with economy and convenience. Our thanks to The Absolute Sound for seeking that small customer-oriented vendor that is producing quality and value equal to the larger companies.

Gold Series Cable from Cable Research Lab with custom engraving

Our attention to detail recognizes the importance of your music. We don’t take shortcuts. We work with the best suppliers from around the world to find the components that make the best audio cables available. Add to these quality materials the years of experience maintained by our craftsmen that personally build each cable here in the USA.Your attention to detail in music means that you’ve selected the right components to provide what you feel is the most true and accurate representation of the way the recording or live performance should sound.

Now is the time to combine your attention to detail with ours. Try the audio cables of Cable Research Lab and you won’t be disappointed. Call or e-mail us today and describe your perfect sound. We’ll help you get there.